The renewed version pronto 3 as successor to pronto 2

The customers had a desire to get a clear and user-friendly web environment, for this Pronto 3 was developed. With these wishes, Simac IDS has also started and they started developing Pronto 3.

The benefits of the updated version:

  • Completely clear
  • Intuitive to use
  • Integration possibilities are endless

Why Pronto 3?

In Pronto 3, it is possible to create and manage people, open doors remotely (open doors), manage groups and view registrations.

It also contains various modules that can be activated as desired per customer such as a visitor registration module, a presence monitor, an events page.

‘’Pronto is het toegangssysteem dat door flexibiliteit en mogelijkheden overal in te zetten is.’’

Patrick Manders- Directeur Simac IDS

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