The importance of ad hoc activity registration in education

In the dynamic world of education, where spontaneous workshops and unexpected study groups are commonplace, ad hoc activity registration plays a crucial role. This form of registration, focused on spontaneous and unplanned activities, contributes to the overall learning experience of students and enables educational institutions to effectively manage their processes.

Why is Ad Hoc activity registration important?

Ad hoc activities are an essential part of the education process. They can vary from workshops, seminars, study groups to other activities outside the curriculum. These activities contribute to the holistic development of students by exposing them to diverse experiences outside the traditional learning environment.

Keeping track of participation in these activities helps in mapping the interest and involvement of students outside their regular study obligations. It shows to what extent students are involved in (extracurricular) activities and helps in identifying patterns in their participation. This can provide valuable insights for both teachers and educational institutions.

In addition, activity registration contributes to the operational efficiency of educational institutions. It enables schools and universities to get an accurate picture of how their resources are used and makes it possible to plan and budget for future activities.

How Simac IDS helps

You can keep track of and register all ad hoc activities in a convenient and efficient way using advanced technology. Such a solution is Presto from Simac IDS. The platform is designed to streamline and automate the management of ad hoc activities, allowing educational institutions to optimize their processes.

Simac IDS offers real-time tracking and management of ad hoc activities spread across different locations. The system provides a comprehensive overview of all ongoing activities, allowing schools and universities to effectively plan and allocate their resources.

In addition, students also benefit from the system. They can easily manage and track their participation in activities, adjust their schedules, and monitor their involvement in various activities.


Ad hoc activity registration is a crucial part of educational management. It enables educational institutions to efficiently use their resources, monitor student engagement and performance, and thus improve the overall learning experience. With the help of advanced solutions such as the Simac IDS, schools and universities can effectively carry out this task, whilst optimizing their processes and better serving their students.

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