How Lockto improves the efficiency of locker management

Managing lockers within an organization can be a challenging task, especially in large companies with hundreds or even thousands of employees. However, this process has significantly improved with the introduction of Lockto — a module within the Pronto Suite specifically designed to provide full control over the lockers.

Efficient locker management with Lockto

One of the main advantages of Lockto is the efficiency it provides for locker management. But how exactly does it improve efficiency? Let's look at the specific functions and benefits:

User-friendly interface

Lockto is equipped with a very intuitive user interface. This simple navigation helps administrators to easily access all necessary functions and to perform them with a few clicks. And by reducing the time spent navigating through the system, the administrator can focus more on other important tasks.

Simple user management

With Lockto, the administrator can easily add users to the system. It also enables them to assign specific lockers to certain users, and to quickly adjust these assignments if necessary. This flexible user management saves time and minimizes any errors that could occur in the process.

Clear management information

Lockto provides the administrator with a clear overview of the status of all lockers in the system. This management information makes it easier to quickly identify and solve any problems, resulting in less downtime for the lockers and a smooth experience for the users.


Managing lockers is a crucial aspect for many organizations, but it doesn't have to be complex or time-consuming. Thanks to the efficiency and convenience that Lockto offers, administrators can focus on delivering a reliable locker service for their users, while also saving valuable time that they can spend on other tasks. With Lockto, managing lockers is a simple, streamlined task.

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