The role of access control in nursing homes and sheltered housing

In the healthcare sector, and especially in nursing homes and sheltered housing, safety and privacy are of great importance. Access control plays a vital role in ensuring this. Companies like Simac IDS offer innovative access control systems that create a safe, manageable environment for both residents and staff. In this blog, we discuss the value of access control in the healthcare sector and how Simac IDS provides these services.

Essential Security

In an environment like a nursing home, where residents are often vulnerable and need high-quality care, access control is indispensable. It ensures that only authorized personnel have access to certain parts of the building or complex. This is essential to guarantee the safety and privacy of the residents.

Flexibility and Convenience

Simac IDS offers access control systems that are easy and flexible to use. Staff, for example, can easily access the spaces they need for their work, while family and friends of residents only get access at specific times, and only to the spaces they are allowed to be.

Digital Technology and Integration

With the aid of digital technologies such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), Simac IDS makes access control seamless and efficient, with minimal disruption to residents and staff. Moreover, Simac IDS's access control systems can be integrated with other systems, such as care domotics, security cameras, alarm systems, and visitor registration systems, to provide a holistic security solution.

Infallible Supervision

Access control not only ensures a safe environment, but also provides valuable data. Who enters and leaves the buildings, which spaces are visited the most and at what times - this kind of data can be used to improve operational efficiency, increase safety and ultimately optimize care for residents.


In nursing homes and assisted living facilities, an effective access control system is indispensable. It contributes to the safety and privacy of residents and enables care staff to perform their duties efficiently and without disruption. Thanks to companies like Simac IDS, who are dedicated to developing advanced and user-friendly access control systems, healthcare institutions can create a safe environment that meets the unique needs of their residents and staff.

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